@protocol JWErrorEvent <NSObject>

JWErrorEvent is emitted when there is an unrecoverable error from the player.

  • Object containing the error message under property localizedDescription. For onAdError, The following error messages are possible: -invalid ad tag (e.g. invalid XML, broken VAST) -ad tag empty (e.g. no ad available after chasing the wrappers) -no compatible creatives (e.g. only FLV video in HTML5) -error playing creative (e.g. a 404 on the MP4 video) -error loading ad tag (for all else) When applicable, the userInfo (NSDictionary) property of error will contain the ad tag that is currently playing (key: tag), and/or the vmap (key: vmap). If Google IMA is being used as the ad Client, the imaErrorType will be included (key: imaErrorType) and not the vmap.

    For onAdWarning events, see https://developer.jwplayer.com/jwplayer/docs/jw8-ad-errors-reference#section-jw-player-ad-warnings for more info.



    @property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readwrite)
        JWPlayerError *_Nonnull error;